What’s New in WordPress 5.2 (Features and Screenshots)

WordPress 5.2 is expected to be released 7th may 2019. Our team have tested the beta version and we would like to share you about the new features and experience in this article.

Although version 5.2 is still under active development, the WordPress Core Team recently released WordPress 5.2 Beta 1 with a host of new user-facing features that are ready for testing.

Let’s check out in detail the new features and improvements coming to WordPress 5.2!

Site Health Check Improvements

Given that most of the WordPress errors are usually fatal errors that restrict users from accessing the admin area, WordPress 5.2 brings a new recovery mode to site administrators, using which they will be able to access their Dashboard even when a fatal error occurs.

Now, in case of a fatal error, there will be a message displayed on your screen, saying “This site is experiencing technical difficulties”.

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Site Health Checking Tool

In WordPress 5.2, Site Health Check is being introduced to help end users on identifying and fixing the configuration issue of their site. Besides, it also help developers to add debugging information. After a series of tests, issues will be prioritized according to ‘Critical’, ‘Recommended’, or ‘Good’ along with more details in the “Status” tab. Meanwhile, you can find more information about debugging in the “Info” tab,and it can helps developers to troubleshoot user issues. The new Site Health page is nested under the “Tools” menu as screenshot below.

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New Block Manager Tool

The current version of WordPress comes with a numbers of block , however, most of the people are not using all of them. Thus, WordPress 5.2 will introduce a block management tool which allow users to display / show the selected blocks and hide those are not going to use.

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Under The Hood Improvements in WordPress 5.2

These are the changes in WordPress 5.2 which will mostly affect developers.

Users will be able to provide a log file path when adding WP_DEBUG_LOG in wp-config.php file.

Plugins will be able to specify the minimum required PHP version.


We hope this article gave you a read of what’s coming in WordPress 5.2. Let us know which features you find interesting and what new features you would like to see in the future.

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