How to Secure Your WordPress Website

I’ve heard many website owners complain about the security of WordPress.  And if so, how do you secure your WordPress website? In this guide, we will share all the top WordPress security tips to help you protect your website against hackers and malware.As a website owner, there’s a lot that you can do to improve … Read more

How to Fix “Brifefly unavilable for Scheduled maintenance. check Back in a minute” Error

“Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute” is an error in WordPress, which usually occurs when an update is not successfully completed. This is the common problem in theme update and plugins updates.the update process may timeout, leaving your site in maintenance mode and inaccessible. In this article, I will familiarize you with … Read more

Use ajax without a plugin in wordpress

Plugin code is just… code, it can go in a themes functions.php, or a plugin file, there’s no magical or special difference other than the order they’re loaded . The problem you’re facing is that you’ve tried to put your logic inside the search page. Instead, the code needs to be in functions.php which is always loaded. How … Read more

Get values from an options page from Acf Repeater

we can be used  get field from an options page, however, a second parameter is required to target the options page in using while loop and get filed value show and front and for get display filed <p><?php the_field(‘field_name’, ‘option’); ?></p> <?php $variable = get_field(‘field_name’, ‘option’); // do something with $variable ?> <?php if( have_rows(‘repeater’, … Read more

Search filter using meta query with wp query

Ajax WP Query Search Filter is a powerful ajax search engine that let your user perform more precisely search by filtering the search through post type, taxonomy and meta field search filter using ajax and meta_query with wp_query following this step 1 user the create a search filter search form : <form method=”POST” action=”” id=”search_form” enctype=”multiple/type”> <h3><font style=”vertical-align: inherit;”><font style=”vertical-align: inherit;”>Key words </font></font></h3> <div … Read more