How to Install opencv in python

Install the python in opencv module (a) 1. Packages for standard desktop environments you create an environment: There are four different packages and you should select only one of them. Do not install multiple different packages in the same environment. There is no plugin architecture: all the packages use the same namespace (cv2). Open the … Read more

How to Install Python on Windows OS

Install Python 3.6.0: To follow the installation procedure, you need to be connected to the Internet. Visit:-Download Python At the bottom locate Windows x86-64 executable installer for 64 bits OS and Windows x86 executable installer for 32 bits OS. Click on the located installer file to download. After the download completes, double click on the … Read more

How to add to cart without reload page using php code

we are add to cart in e-commerce website without reload page use the php simple code. and get id the cart in session that are the send value through cart button with session. //Get session value $_SESSION[‘cart’]; if(isset($_GET[‘action’]) && $_GET[‘action’]==”add”){ $id=intval($_GET[‘id’]); if(isset($_SESSION[‘cart’][$id])){ $_SESSION[‘cart’][$id][‘quantity’]++; } else{ //Get product id $sql_p=”SELECT * FROM products WHERE id={$id}”; $query_p=mysqli_query($con,$sql_p); … Read more